Our values

SCG values are rooted in a visionary leadership, aimed at sharing company’s mission and goals with our employees, working together to achieve the best results. We strongly believe in the implementation of the best practices and the ongoing dialogue with internal and external stakeholders. We are flexible innovators in tune with market developments, playing an active role in the changing process. Our commitment to foster the values of diversity and inclusion drives our activities both inside and outside our team. Coherently with our values, we are powered by a long-lasting curiosity which lead us to explore the reality surrounding us.  In doing so, we achieved an international point of view which makes SCG expertise essential, in terms of support to national and international audiovisual projects.

SCG added value derives from the synergy between the expertise of our team, and the strong network established with the main national and international players: SCG stakeholders include governmental and regional institutions, banks, producers, distributors and streamers. SCG advises its clients both on their projects and company management, through the implementation of market strategies based on the joint analysis of the project and the industry.